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However, last night was supposed to have the Washington Capitals restore order to things, and begin their inevitable Cup run. Yet the Capitals became the second number one seed to lose in Game 1 instead,custom hockey jerseys, in the biggest opening upset of them all. But the NHL playoffs did have some order restored by the other home teams though they needed some heroics to do it. If these teams meet in the first round of the OHL playoffs, it should be a great series. This was the first win for the Petes against the Fronts. Ritchie scored the OT winner from behind the net and the Memorial Centre roof almost popped off.

And don't skip those yearly gynecologist visits. As tough as it may seem, be upfront with your doctor if you've ever had unprotected anal sex and find out if there's any extra screening you should have. Anal Pap smears are available, and though they're mostly used for gay men, women can have them too. "One of my favorite places to vacation is Minnesota in the summertime because it's so beautiful." A dirty little secret from her time here: She was an ardent Brett Favre fan and closet Packers fan, although she's out now that she's living in NYC. "I was a Jet for a little while when Brett was a Jet," she said. Because the Packers didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year "Sometimes you peak too early" Faulkner doesn't "have a dog in this race.

Judith Tuch and her husband, Gene,hockey jerseys cheap, toured northern India in December,hockey jerseys cheap, stopping in Varanasi, a holy city that hugs the banks of the Ganges River. During their stay, the couple observed these pilgrims, with their belongings balanced atop their heads, as they made their way to the Ganges to bathe. (Judith Tuch). I can believe all of the support this comment is getting. Ban certain nationalities from playing in the world top tier? Datsyuk is your primary example of what we don want in the NHL? You fucking nuts bud. I rather skilled and sportmanlike two way play than filling those voids with more Avery Cooke and second rate talent setting the game back a few decades..

He went back to his car for a while and approached my window and said this is your lucky day. We have bigger fish to fry and he gave me a warning. They took down the vin number and took my picture. A kid that can play defense like he does at his age,cheap nhl hockey jerseys, with that kind of maturity, is very rare."At 6 foot 5 and 210 pounds, Gauthier is a rather intimidating specimen on skates. Off the ice, he's a gentle giant.At 6 foot 5 and 210 pounds, Frederik Gauthier is a rather intimidating specimen on skates (Photo: Rimouski Oceanic)Up until four years ago, Gauthier also was a pretty good football player."I had to choose between football and hockey, and chose hockey," he said.Prior to joining Rimouski this season, Gauthier had 26 goals and 51 points for midget AAA league champion College Esther Blondin Phenix. He also had 13 goals and 24 points in 13 playoff games, helping lead his team to the championship game of the Telus Cup, Canada's national midget hockey championship.In 2012 13 Gauthier ranked fourth among first year players in the QMJHL with 60 points (22 goals) in 62 games.Bordeleau believes Gauthier not only is a legitimate candidate to be a first round pick at the 2013 NHL Draft on June 30, but a high one.